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faq-q1-Where to sell your wedding ring: the birds and the bees |
faq-q2 - Is it safe to send my engagement ring and other fine jewelry through the mail |
faq-q3-How do I know I will get the best prices? |
faq-q4-Will my jewelry be safe and insured while in your possession? |
faq-q6-What about selling to a pawnshop or a local jeweler? |
faq-q7-Can I get it back? |
faq-q8-Could a stolen item of mine have been sold to OutOfYourLife.comSM? |
faq-q9-Can you give me an exact price on my engagement ring before seeing it? |
faq-q12-Do you remove stones to appraise and price items? |
faq-q13-What if I'm not sure if a diamond is real or fake? |
faq-q15-How long will it take to receive my payment? |
faq-q16-What if I'm not satisfied with my payment? |
faq-q17-How do I sell my engagement ring? |
faq-q18-Is the Break-Up Box free? |
faq-q19-Where do I send my Break-Up Box? |
faq-q-20-How do I use the Break-Up Box? |
faq-q-21-Is the Break-Up Box insured if it gets lost? |
faq-q-24-How do I know you received my jewelry? |